Camp Lokanda

Lokanda is a place where children come to have great summers, all while making friends, building confidence, learning new skills and creating a lifetime of memories.

We believe that providing a safe and nurturing environment is a necessary part of success at camp, and we also know that helping children to adopt positive character traits goes a long way towards building self-esteem and self-confidence. Treating each other with respect and kindness in a cooperative environment enables our campers and staff to succeed in making and keeping friends.

We call this “The Lokanda Way.” It is an integral part of Lokanda’s tradition and culture. The Lokanda Way is about sharing, caring and inclusion. It is about encouraging campers and staff to be helpful, tolerant and sensitive to the needs of others. It is about good sportsmanship on our fields, court and rinks, so that we enjoy our victories, but not take pleasure in another’s defeat. It is about campers who offer help, support and encouragement to their fellow campers.

The Lokanda Way exists through generations of Lokanda campers and staff, and by practicing it, we are rewarded with life long friendships.

It is not at all unusual to hear a staff member or camper express approval of another camper’s behavior by stating that they are doing the right thing in “The Lokanda Way.”


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Camp Details

PO Box 218, 432 Haring Road, Glen Spey, NY 12737

Staffing needs: Doctor, Nurses

Gender: Coed

Camp Type: Single session

Number of sessions: 1

Number of campers: 450-649