What is Membership?

CHC membership is the program that allows us to effectively partner with you- the camp director- to fully support your effort to deliver high quality camp health care.

What does membership include?

CHC membership includes the following products and services.


All member camps will complete our CHC membership intake form.  This form will allow us learn all about your camp, your health center and your potential staffing needs.  We will be able to create your Job Catalog posting- and be ready to staff your camp the moment you have a need.


All member camps will receive access to our CHC Policies and Protocols.  These are camp-centric guidelines addressing a variety of common complaints and ailments.  Our protocols address both on the current evidence based medical treatment and the operational considerations for treating certain conditions at camp.

Sample protocol topics include: Fever, Sore Throat, Vomiting and Diarrhea and Impetigo


Health center staff need to communicate in an efficient manner but secure manner.  CHC has partnered with an encrypted telehealth program to provide secure texting to your camp staff. This program will also allow your staff to ask questions of the entire camp health community on a secure and HIPAA compliant platform.  We will set each CHC member camp with its own chat channel and ensure your staff is ready to communicate safely and efficiently from day one.

What additional services are available to CHC Member Camps?

Once your camp is a CHC member camp, we will be ready to support and staff your camp as soon as you identify the need.  There are additional fees for these services.


As soon as you identify a staffing need, we will get to work filling that position.  Prospective health center staff will see your camps profile in our Job Catalog and be able to hear from you, the director, why working at your camp will be a great way to spend the summer.  CHC certified camps will be highlighted, showing prospective doctors and nurses that you already strive for a high level of camp health care.

Recruitment services are available to Camp Health Consulting Member Camps for an additional recruitment fee.


Camp health consulting expects to be able to to offer telehealth services for the summer of 2019.  Our telehealth offerings will include physician oversight for camps who are too remote or too small to require an on site physician for the summer.  We also expect to offer subspecialty consultation such as dermatology and psychology- to support on site camp providers with niche patient care without having to take the camper off the camp grounds.  If you are interested in telehealth services, please email

Interested in becoming a CHC Member Camp?