Bee Sting Protocol

Bee stings occur commonly in camp settings. Bee stings can be life threatening if they evolve into a anaphylaxis.

  • Send camper to infirmary for immediate evaluation
  • Apply ice to the sting area
  • Remove visible stingers gently to extract the entire stinger. Avoid leaving part of the stinger embedded
  • Observe camper for a minimum of 30 minutes
  • If no escalation of symptoms after 30 minutes, camper may return to activities
  • Inform supervising staff to report any subsequent symptoms and have camper return to infirmary
  • Administer weight based diphenhydramine for mild itching and swelling
  • Consider administration of steroids for moderate to severe reactions

For symptoms of anaphylaxis, administer Epipen immediately and call 9-1-1 to transport the camper to nearest emergency department. Please refer to Anaphylaxis Protocol for further guidance.

Camp Health Consulting policies and protocols are designed to assist clinical providers in the planning of healthcare operations and in the administration of healthcare for campers and staff in a camp setting. They are not intended as a substitute for clinical judgment or decision-making for individual patients.