Dara Kass, MD

Dr. Dara Kass is an Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine at Columbia University Medical Center in New York City. She is also the founder and editor-in-chief of FemInEM, an organization dedicated to providing resources and support for women working in Emergency Medicine.

After spending summers as a camper and camp lifeguard, the transition to camp doctoring has been natural for Dr. Kass. She has spent her most recent summers as camp doctor at Camp Westmont in the Poconos, caring for hundreds of campers and staff, ages 7 to 75.

Dr. Kass believes summer camp is filled with once in a lifetime experiences and deep friendships that can’t be replicated anywhere else. She is fueled by the belief that by supporting camp directors, parents, and fellow health care providers, Camp Health can transform the way we care for kids during fun-filled summers.

When she’s not living the camp life, Dr. Kass lives with her husband, Michael, and children Hannah, Charlie, and Sammy in Brooklyn, New York.