Matthew Wohl

Matthew Wohl is the Director of Recruitment at Camp Health Consulting.    Matthew offers a specific skill set that is unique to the position of Director of Recruitment. Matthew is also the Head Counselor at Camp Westmont, an overnight camp in Poyntelle, PA.  He started going to overnight camp in 1994 just north of Toronto and found his way to Camp Westmont in 2005 where he has spent 13+ years working his way up from Counselor to Head Counselor.

Matt is also the Co-Founder of The Wohl Group, a recruiting firm based in Toronto, Canada. His firm specializes in bringing professionals together and his partnerships with various industries across Canada has garnered him an excellent reputation for customer service, on-time delivery and positive results. Matthew was recently nominated for Top 100 Recruiters in Canada 2018.

In his spare time he enjoys playing Golf friends and traveling with his wife Carly.