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Working at camp is unlike any other job in healthcare. Most healthcare professionals in the “real world” spend the majority of their time behind computer screens in rigidly defined roles rather than at the bedsides of patients.

Enter camp health care — the polar opposite of the practice of medicine dominated by meetings, emails, and paperwork.  At camp, doctors and nurses work as a team, sometimes with PAs, NPs, athletic trainers, nursing students, or EMTs.

Each camp has its own unique energy that makes its campers and staff proud to call it home. Every camp is special. One unifying element is that all camps depend upon a highly functioning and capable Health Center staff in order to thrive.

Providing health care at camp means expecting the unexpected: removing porcupine quills from fingers and splinters from toes, calming anxious kids who are feeling homesick, and learning quickly which campers need only the remedy of a hug. Camp doctors inhabit both the roles Proxy Parent and Healthcare Provider for the children in their care, often at the same time. For many children, camp is not only the best part of the year, but one of the treasured highlights of their childhood. Camp healthcare providers have a beautiful opportunity to be a valued part of this magical time in a child’s life.

More than first aid, camp healthcare touches almost every medical specialty. From concussions to broken toes — and everything in between — daily life at camp is filled with an array of chief complaints that keep camp healthcare professionals on their toes.

Working at camp often means living at camp, as well.  Healthcare providers may live in the Health Center or in nearby cabins.  Some cabins will have air conditioning and wifi, but often one of the greatest benefits of time at camp is the chance to unplug. Rather than spending downtime responding to emails or scrolling through social media, spend your free hours kayaking on the lake or making a bracelet at Arts and Crafts.  Camp provides an unparalleled opportunity to recharge your batteries.

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